Jess T. Dugan
Jess T. Dugan's “Jamie and Ann”, an inkjet print from 2016.

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Jamie and Ann
Collection of the artist, courtesy of the Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago

Jamie and Ann is part of photographer Jess Dugan’s ongoing project Every Breath We Drew, which examines the power of identity, desire, and connection. Jamie, in the foreground, was diagnosed with breast cancer in her thirties, which resulted in the loss of her right breast. Originally planning to keep her other breast, the imbalance became so uncomfortable that she decided to have her left breast removed as well. Before the surgery, she asked Dugan to photograph her as a way to document her body and assist her with the healing process.

Dugan has frequently discussed facing her personal challenges in navigating a Queer identity while growing up. She believes that the complex intersections of gender, sexuality, and identity give her insight into the struggles of others and open a pathway for representation and visibility.