Daniel James McInnis
Two young women, one black and one white, standing together with an arm draped around each others shoulders.

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Heidi and Lily, Ohio 2014
Collection of the artist

In 2007, Daniel James McInnis began to work with an “unwieldy camera and older, more traditional materials for the sake of the detail that such a medium renders, and for the inherent value of a single negative.” At that time, he began photographing artists in New York City with an 8 x 10-inch view camera that uses negatives from which either contact prints or enlargements are made. The contact prints have much greater resolution than many digital processes. Citing the pre–World War II German photographer August Sander as his greatest influence, McInnis has made an archive of photographs that document dancers, models, photographers, designers, actors, and others, first in Brooklyn and more recently in different areas of the United States. Heidi and Lily are two art students living in central Ohio. He describes this portrait as “an attempt to visually capture both their camaraderie and their strength.”