Jill Wissmiller

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The Gilding of Lily
Collection of the artist

The Gilding of Lily is a portrait experiment for Snakes, Electricity, and Scorned Women, my upcoming documentary installation that weaves Midwestern meth manufacturing, drag queens in the Dirty South, and the landscape of Las Vegas into an alternately excessive and insufficient investigation of loves gone wrong. Lily has had many a love gone wrong but she is a performer in the most extreme sense. Onlookers are often amazed by the whirlwind of color and shape she presents. She never leaves an audience waiting. Indeed, one can barely keep up. The restriction of her movement for this video portrait achingly ruminates on motion and desire. Fixed desire is the through line for much of my research and creative work, which is concentrated on nontraditional cinema spectatorship and production. I am currently writing a motion picture manifesto that calls for a strict ban on standard definition video being projected upon anything other than glitter.