Lynn Davidson
A portrait of a nude woman holding a clear sheet of plastic over herself, as if to cover up.

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Collection of the artist

Paid models are a luxury and rarely found in artist’s studios. It should surprise no one that I have spent much time studying and painting my own mirrored figure, as it has evolved from youthful girlishness to the not-so-girlish figure you see in Modesty2. I had been painting a series of figures as seen through a film of visqueen or plastic sheeting. Colors and distortions appeared unexpectedly, providing continuous challenge and joy. Throughout the early weeks of this particular painting, the face was uncovered, looking around the plastic. The more I looked at the painting, the greater distraction the face became. I eventually deemphasized the face. The belly had become the palpable focus of the work. Its scars, wrinkles, and fat spoke of a life that has been well-lived. The mirror, and now the painting, reflects and speaks of me and my life.