Jenny Morgan
Diptych portrait of a nude person kneeling down

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Falling Into
Collection of the artist, courtesy + gallery

Created during a time of intense personal transition, Falling Into is a self-portrait serving to question identity. Within the diptych format, the two images of self face each other, but are dramatically separated by the space between the two sister panels. The figures crouch down and both subjects, on opposing canvases, face inward. The cropping of the poses aids in conceptual meaning; the faces of both figures disappear within the vacant space and the viewer is left to mentally fill in the absence. Symbolically the red cloth is used to represent strong, deeply felt sentiment. As the two semi-mirrored bodies grasp the tense and stretched fabric at once they are connected emotionally, but still alienated from one another physically. The use of this fragmented image stands as a metaphor for looking inward and true personal investigation. “Falling Into” is the third painting in a three-piece series relating to this emotional transition. The other two works, The Fallout (a diptych) and Intermission (a panel) also pose these figures with a red cloth.