Brian Bishop
Sideways portrait of a woman's face close up

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Untitled (Missing Lawrence)
Collection of the artist

The principal interest of my work is the exploration of the fine line between the forgotten or overlooked moment and the fetishized memory as seen through the filter of web-cams, home movies, and digital snapshots. Inevitably it addresses memory, as it is known through photography, and questions if these moments represent truth or fiction. It navigates the intersection of the overabundant surveilled image and the poignancy of the intimate vignette. Through this work I mine the landscape of the common, the mundane, the banal, and the fragmented as they are presented in the context of notation, documentation, and memory. I primarily employ traditional encaustic techniques in my work, which enables me to capture symbolically or encase my subjects in wax. I utilize the alluring surfaces of the medium to draw the viewer into the nuances and little disturbances of everyday life. The resulting images appear disjunctive and out-of-context, alluding to the “lost” images on a roll of film, the “throwaway” image —the mistake.