Kate Capshaw
Kate Capshaw's “Unaccompanied”, an oil painting from 2017.

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Collection of the artist

Part of an ongoing series entitled UNACCOMPANIED, these are three portraits of homeless youth living in Los Angeles. Their faces emerge from a black velvety background without apology. There are no suggestions as to who they are or what their circumstances might be. As a painter, Kate Capshaw is deeply committed to revealing the crisis of homelessness as it affects young people. The alla prima painting sessions were in collaboration with the subjects, who were welcomed as guests to participate in this cycle of the series.

Capshaw elaborates: “This is an ever-growing community found in the tens of thousands in urban, suburban, and rural areas across the nation. In most cases, they are not even responsible for their circumstances. Family trauma and inadequate social policies are the main drivers. My intention was to introduce the often hidden . . . in an intimate way.”