Richard Greene
Group of children on the street corner

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Third Prize

Monroe, LA
Collection of the artist

In this portrait of carefree teenagers passing the time outdoors on a sunny afternoon, the boldest fronts the group, posing proudly for the camera. With arms crossed and a playfully defiant head-tilt, she asserts her presence with a joyful fearlessness. To her left, another girl bears an expression of sweetness and attitude. The boys in the back look toward the figure in the front row and smile. Shades of blue smattered across the picture plane and the hot pink building in the background accentuate the group’s energy and dynamism.

Richard Greene captured this picture of teen spirit while passing through a town in Louisiana on a coast-to-coast road trip. A trained classical violinist and bluegrass fiddle master, Greene has been passionate about photography since his teenage years. He identifies expression, innovation, technique, and composition as the pillars of his artistic practice, as both a musician and as a photographer.