Sandra Steinbrecher
Sandra Steinbrecher's “Frontline, March for Our Lives, Chicago”, an inkjet print from 2018.

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Frontline, March of Our Lives, Chicago
Collection of the artist

Photographer Sandra Steinbrecher describes the powerful moment of making eye contact with a young boy while taking this photograph during March for Our Lives in Chicago on March 24, 2018. She recalls, “One young man looked directly at me, and I felt a deep human connection as I shot this frame.” Overall, “March for Our Lives was a breath- taking display of activism and painted a hopeful, inspiring portrait of the promise and potential of our future.”

Steinbrecher’s life-affirming documentary photography often focuses on the experiences of young people who are able to do things “that we as adults couldn’t do.” Her current body of work examines the life of public schools around Chicago. She is particularly inspired by the youth movement to end gun violence and finds strength and hope in the extraordinary efforts young people are making to improve the safety of their environments and communities.