Sedrick Huckaby
Oil painting self portrait of Sedrick Huckaby's expressionless face.

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Sedrick, Sed, Daddy
Beverly and George Palmer, courtesy of Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden, Dallas, Texas

Sedrick Huckaby’s artistic vision was shaped by experiences with his immediate family and neighborhood communities. His first portrait subject was his grandmother, Hallie Beatrice Welcome Carpenter, known as “Big Momma,” who played a formative role in his life in Fort Worth, Texas. He often uses the quilts she stitched as colorful backgrounds for portraits. Rather than move to an artistic hub such as New York City or Los Angeles after completing his MFA at Yale, Huckaby ultimately chose to return to Fort Worth. His primary inspiration remains his family and his faith, and he believes that art projects in broken neighborhoods have the power to repair communities. This monumental self-portrait is part of a recent group of paintings dealing with the African American family. The title refers to the multiple hats Huckaby wears in his attempts to balance life as an artist, professor, husband, and father.