Anne Harris
An oil painting in yellow hues, of an older woman from the waist up, expressionless and naked, her hair flowing and her eyebrows raised.

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Invisible (Yellow)
Collection of the artist, courtesy of Alexandre Gallery, New York City

This evanescent painting is one of a series Anne Harris completed in 2012 and 2013, all with “invisible” in the title. She has created portraits, often self-portraits, for the last twenty-five years. The self-portraits track her own vision of her appearance through time, including images of her pregnant body and, more recently, portraits that examine the process of aging. Of these paintings, she has written: “I imagine that substances shift—that flesh can be air, that air can be liquid, that density shifts. So, the figure might be poured into her container, the ground surrounding her is some denser stuff holding her in place. Or the painting is a slice of air, everything in it formed by condensation; or everything is skin, pushing against the membrane of the picture plane.”