Lia Cook
A woven portrait of a face with golden and red strands over a black & white speckled background.

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Su Brain Tracts
Collection of the artist

Su Brain Tracts is a self-portrait that brings together my research interest in neuroscience with my woven translations of familiar faces. It includes images of the fiber connections in the white matter of my own brain, obtained using scientific imaging technology. The woven face is originally drawn from a detail of a personal childhood snapshot. This is a third-generation translation. The weaving was photographed and used in a video animation that combined a series of self-portraits with moving images of the fiber connections in my brain. This new work takes a still frame of this video and retranslates it through the weaving process into an oversized scale. This scale enhances the emotional impact of the work by allowing different layers of the image to emerge as a viewer moves from distance to close up, unexpectedly discovering its woven nature and associated memories of the touch of cloth as a tactile experience.