Bruce McKaig
Woman at a restaurant table stirring a drink

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Rachelle at Café Europa

My Time Markers project combines crude pinhole photography and digital time-lapse stills to portray people in common activities – spontaneous, unchoreographed, unedited moments. The pinhole and digital traces are craft-laden, aesthetically charged choices, skimming across both banal and esoteric rituals, incorporating chance and surprise as these daily routines unfold. This piece portrays Rachelle Knowles, a Canadian installation artist. Rachelle’s installations explore self-identity; she often films herself as part of the installation. Art critic Andy Grundberg wrote of this work: “McKaig is fascinated by visual representations that encompass human presence and its shadowy other, absence. Time Markers contains images that despite their diverse appearances conspire together to make us acutely aware of our physical presence in time and space.”