Chris Campbell
Portrait of a woman looking at a portrait of herself

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Kekama Face to Face
Collection of the artist

This painting is of a talented strong Hawaiian woman whose traditional name is KekamaoKawaileleIlunaoKapaliKu [beloved child]. She is a beautiful hula dancer who has competed on the highest level, displaying exceptional gracefulness and allure. I have worked to portray her strength of character and power by having her dominate the foreground of the painting as a very realistic and solid form. The background shows the start of the artist’s depiction of her in a more stylized fashion that gives another image of fragility and sexuality. The viewer catches the moment where she first gazes upon the artist’s depiction of herself. With her back turned, there is the unanswered question of her response. I have tried to limit my palette of colors and tighten my composition so the viewer focus is concentrated between the two faces on the canvas.