Jennifer Oldis Kryczka
Oil painting portrait of a person wearing glasses

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Collection of the artist

Like most portrait painters, I seek to capture the essence of my subject, and strive to capture their physical likeness. Just as important, in my personal work, is depicting a vision of humankind’s potential for transcendence which we all harbor. I seek to reveal our potential. The moment of true transformation, breakthrough, metamorphosis, or epiphany, and the state of consciousness that can accompany such experiences. There is an intensity to these states, as anyone who has experienced them can attest. This is the state of consciousness which I aim to depict, beyond and larger than ourselves, in touch with the greater Universe. As Carl Jung said, “Beyond doubt, even in what we call a high level of civilization, human consciousness has not yet achieved a reasonable degree of continuity….Vast areas of the human mind are shrouded in darkness.” It is this hidden aspect of ourselves that intrigues —me—the part of us that defies logical, tangible articulation—which I try to bring forth in my work.