Moving Forward / Moving Home

By Mequitta Ahuja, OBPC artist
By Mequitta Ahuja, OBPC artist

I'm anticipating my move away from my current home. I've lived in Texas for three years. I'm moving to New York in the fall and unlike most of the artists I know, I will not be moving to Brooklyn.

I'm excited and only a little scared. The finances are intimidating, as is the environmental stimulus: the traffic, the people, the packed subway cars.

It is a happy convergence as I see it, that this time, moving forward also means moving home. I miss the Northeast and have felt culturally misfit for the past nine years in the Mid- and South-West. First time in my adult life, I'll be able to go home for dinner.

Artistically, I'm already feeling the pressure of wanting to live up to the opportunity. I'm in Ohio for the summer, program director of the non-profit I've been with since its inception. Things have been running very smoothly and I am able to spend most of my day in the studio.

I'm already trying to plot the nature of the work I'll make in New York. I'm working on three canvases, each 60"X50." This is a new size and scale for me. I like it. It feels like a problem solving size. It takes me about half as long as my large works and I'm finding that I can work through the same set of ideas on multiple canvases without losing the thread or exhausting myself.

What would be great is if these three would spawn a larger fourth, the babies birthing a mama that would seize the most promising aspects of its smaller beginnings. If I can keep the idea in my mind long enough, it could be the first New York work I make.

I lay those plans out with caution however, as I know that the process of packing everything up and relocating, jostles not just the sense of place but also the sense of self. Moving is hard. Any threads one attempts to hold tend to sever over state lines.

All images © Mequitta Ahuja, 2009