Will Wilson

San Francisco, California
Oil on canvas on panel, 2004
Collection of the artist, courtesy John Pence Gallery


My painting Convexed is a self-portrait in which I allude to aspects of my past, present, and future as an artist. The past is represented by the interior of the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, Maryland, where I began my formal art training and taught for a number of years. I knew those sculptures well, as they were undying slaves used in my study of form and figure. The heroic plaster of Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the garden looms above my head. The pair is leaving Eden full of knowledge, but their journey promises to be a difficult one not unlike the transition from art student to professional artist. The present is shown by my “in the moment” act of painting, a process of creating which suggests our divine nature. The future is represented by the tip of the brush breaking what appears to be the hard and fast boundary of the frame’s gilded edge and moving into the mystery of the unknown. All at once the past and the future exist in the moment—the only place they can exist.

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