Ginny Stanford

Sebastopol, California
The Birth of Inez Imake
The Birth of Inez Imake
Acrylic and gold leaf on linen and wood panel, 2011
Collection of the artist


In the summer of 2010 I dreamed of an artist named Inez Imake.

Actually, I dreamed her paintings—wondrous, vivid abstractions cut through with gold, and I dreamed her signature written in a voluptuous hand at the bottom of each canvas. Remember her name, the dream urged. To remember was the most important thing.

Awake in the full light of day, I typed Inez Imake into a search engine hoping to find a website where I could see her paintings again, download them, and keep them. Then I understood. She didn’t exist in conventional reality. Her name was a riddle containing the gift of freedom. My work changed. I began to make abstract constructions that were uncharacteristically playful and deeply satisfying.

Inez stayed with me. A year later I decided to paint her portrait. As I worked I asked her, who are you? She answered by revealing my forgotten face.

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