Semifinalist Judging

Stay tuned for the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition 2016 semifinalists announcement. The jurors have met for the first round and announcements will be made by April 1. The second jury meeting to select the prizewinners and finalists will take place in September.



I am excited. Can't wait for April 1st, hopefully for some good news!

Well, after submitting my work, paying my forty five dollars and waiting at least four months to be notified as to acceptance or not on the 20th of March as promised on your website, NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am assuming I was not accepted, which is fine but for my $45 US dollars I should at least get the response I was assured I would get on your website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you do stuff like this it really starts to feel like a scam to make money. It doesn't cost $45 dollars to send a rejection email notice. In case you just forgot my email address it is

Are you aware that two dates are listed for the semi-finalist notification, in two successive sections on the home page? I haven't heard anything by the 20th, so I now assume it's the 1st, but this is confusing. As cut and pasted from the page: Semifinalists will be notified April 1, 2015. Semifinalist work must be available for shipping to Washington, D.C. July 13, 2015. The first round of jurying will be done online by a panel of experts selected by the National Portrait Gallery, who will select approximately 100 semifinalists. On or before March 20, 2015, the National Portrait Gallery will contact artists who have been selected as semifinalists by e-mail. Artists whose work was not selected for further consideration will also be notified at this time.

I've been checking for updates, too, along with the other two individuals who posted here...but it has really only been a week since the promised notification date. Obviously any hopeful artist who enters competitions like this will be eager and restless as we anticipate notification--but things happen. Perhaps for the next contest period, the Smithsonian could simply give a less specific date--as in, "semi finalists will be notified in the early spring of 2015," rather than the very specific March 20 date. That would resolve most people's concerns. It isn't ideal for anyone that there would be a delay beyond what was promised, but life holds all sorts of surprises and disappointments, and in the grand scheme this isn't a huge deal as long as they do meet the new April 1 deadline.

I was just wondering (as today is the 1st of April), if we have not yet heard anything does that mean we are not semi-finalists? Will those who are not chosen be informed as well?

Did you already send out an announcement to all artists regarding whether or not we were accepted in the semi-finalist selection? Is so, i is now May 10, 2015, and I never received any notification. I request that you let me know ASAP whether or not my entry was selected as a semi-finalist or not, so that in case it was selected I will be able to the original to you in time for the selection of the finalists. My email address is: I look forward to hearing from you. Harold Isen, 16 Janet Way, #154, Tiburon, CA 94920

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